The Le Collet brand was created especially for you.

What do we stand for?

Above all, quality at affordable prices. We want our clothes to serve you for years and look amazing even after many washes, so the choice was simple. With a clear conscience, we decided on Italian materials because if there is one thing that Italians do better than pizza, it’s definitely fabrics. We sew only in Poland, because in addition to your comfort, we care about our employees. We have a mission to make every Halinka (any girl) that works for us feel fulfilled and appreciated - no matter if she supports our hotline, is a sewing machine wizard or an experienced designer.

Who are we creating for?

For you! We want our clothes to be ultra-feminine, we open ourselves to flowers, polka dots and pastels, promoting the principle of timeless femininity.

Why clothes?

We ourselves are women, and our brand was created to challenge the thousand mismatched clothes we all have in our closet. We adhere to the philosophy that less is more - we want your wardrobe to have a few clothes that, combined with unique accessories, give you the opportunity to create many fabulous styles.